If you’re a family delving into the Hawaii real estate market, the keiki (kids) and their interests and well-being are certainly something to keep in mind and to consider before buying a home in Hawaii. Lucky for you, Hawaii is extremely kid-friendly and a wonderful place to grow up and raise a family. Lots of family- and kid-friendly activities can be found throughout the islands, especially the main island of Oahu, so if you’re thinking of moving or already have a young family here, you’re in for a ton of fun in paradise!

What’s it like to grow up in Hawaii? Pretty fabulous we think, and many of the keiki here don’t even realize just how lucky they are, as they get to spend a far greater majority of their time outside than their fellow youngsters on the mainland. Sweeping seascapes and sandy beaches, plus easy access to nature, tropical plants, and curious wildlife, life in Hawaii is endless discovery and adventure.


The Polynesian cultural heritage and melting pot of Asian and mainland descendants make Hawaii an especially interesting place to call home, as your child will experience rich cultural experiences and has easy access to various cultures and ways of life, as well as traditional customs, without ever leaving the islands. Many private and public schools in Hawaii incorporate cultural experiences and traditions into their curriculum. Culture is celebrated through education, and children learn about Hawaiian cultural heritage, in addition to a traditional American syllabi. Check out the Hawaiian Department of Education in your residential area to scope out the best schools, and depending on the Hawaii real estate market, you may consider the local school district or private school commute options before buying property in Hawaii. You can check our Private School Review for more detailed info on the best private schools in the neighborhood.


Life is a beach in Hawaii! The islands’ breathtaking beaches and parks make nature a natural playground for keiki. Children who grow up in Hawaii are exposed to water at an early age and have access to swimming and surfing lessons before the fear that comes with adulthood kicks in. This access to sun and sand also presents an excellent educational opportunity for parents to teach their children to respect and protect nature from an early age. A beach is never far away here!

Carnivals (such as Punahou’s famous annual carnival in Honolulu) provide entertainment equivalent to a mainland amusement park. Aulani Disney resort on the west side of the island is a great place to take your children for a staycation and Disneyland experience on Oahu, while Sea Life Park offers a Sea World-like excursion on-island.

Hiking trails, banana and pineapple plantations get keiki in touch with mana (the earth), while water sports and waterfalls invite them to experience kai (the sea). Helicopter rides cover air, while luau ceremonies provide fire: your children will have access to all the natural elements in Hawaii!


If you live on Oahu in Honolulu, you can also offer your children an urban cosmopolitan experience with easy access to cinemas, theaters, cinemas, museums, even ballet and opera. Dance studios and extracurricular activities abound, and Honolulu’s city life offers very safe urban living experiences for children, with 348,000 residents living in the capitol. Playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, recreation clubs, and other condo amenities abound: what Hawaii real estate dreams are made of. Kids’ life can certainly be quite active on the urban community condo deck–or you can bring culture to them with an afternoon outing to Kualoa Ranch or the Polyneisan Cultural Center.

All in all, Hawaii is a wonderful place to live and call home for children–and a great place to grow up. I think any kid would be lucky to call Hawaii home. #luckywelivehawaii

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