Image of popular diaper brand
Photo: Brandi-Ann Uyemura.

If hearing the word “pamper” evokes images of a popular diaper brand, it’s time you planned a vacation.

But if you have young children like me, another family trip isn’t always the break you need. Luxury hotels and kids rarely mix. When Trump International Hotel Waikiki, Oahu’s first and only Forbes Travel Guide’s five-star hotel and the hotel rated #1 on TripAdvisor for 76 consecutive months, invited me to stay in exchange for a family focused review, I gladly accepted. Could this be the stay every parent dreams about?

Greeted with a Bird’s Eye View of Waikiki

Image of Bird’s Eye View of Waikiki
Photo: Trump International Hotel Waikiki.

I must have passed it a hundred times, but missed it. At the end of Saratoga Road, the 38-floor building is a modern, and understated, hotel amidst busy Waikiki. The hotel, which is within walking distance to pristine Fort DeRussy Beach Park, imbues a classy vibe. But it’s on the sixth floor, where the real experience begins. As the elevator doors open up to the lobby, you’re greeted with a bird’s eye view of Waikiki and welcomed with leis, ice-cold water and towels.

A Surprising Difference

Image of Trump International Hotel Waikiki
Photo: Trump International Hotel Waikiki.

While the hotel is full of residents and guests (100 percent of the units are individually owned with the majority participating in the hotel’s rental program), it’s surprisingly tranquil and private. If you’re a frequent visitor to hotels that cater to young families, you’re used to the familiar soundtrack of babies and kids. There’s little of that here as we stepped into the elevator. It was a surprising difference. As we made our way up to our room, it felt like we were visiting an aunt in her upscale residence.

Every unit is slightly different, but I’m told they all have modern amenities such as washers and dryers in suite units, marble bathrooms, a full fridge, oven and, at minimum, a kitchenette to make guests and residents feel comfortable. Some even come with a wine cellar.

Extra Perks

Image of Trump International Hotel Waikiki perks
Photo: Brandi-Ann Uyemura.

Our own one bedroom unit with den was beautiful and at the same time practical. The full-sized refrigerator was stocked with bottled water, and I actually took a real bath in the marble tub. There were also nice surprises along the way like activity books and plush toys for my sons. Extra perks like these made us feel so special, but having necessities on hand was equally important. That night I felt redeemed when a call to room service replaced the kids’ toothbrushes I forgot to pack.

I Fear We Have Spoiled Him for Life

Image of cozy hotel room
Photo: Brandi-Ann Uyemura.

My son loved the infinity pool and the movie we watched together as a family in our cozy hotel room. He even had his own mini Trump robe and slippers. I fear we have spoiled him for life. Really. Where could you stay next after staying here?

I’m Already Thinking of Going Back

Image of bento dinner
Photo: Brandi-Ann Uyemura.

For me, I appreciated the ease in preparing for a picnic dinner on the beach. Trump hotel has beach bags filled with bottled water, fruit and towels at the front, and we ordered take out from Waiʻolu. Our bento dinner was delicious, and because guests receive four-hours complimentary parking with validation, I’m already thinking of going back.

I Felt Like a New Person

Image of Spa
Photo: Trump International Hotel Waikiki.

The big thing for me as a mom with two young kids, however, was the spa. You know how you normally need a code to get into your locker, but you’re so relaxed and sleepy after a treatment you can’t remember it? Or following a massage, you’re left with smudged eyeliner and imprints from the massage table? Forgotten codes and walking around with messy faces are not a problem when you have your own private room. The most memorable part of my spa day, however, was the services I received. While normally talkative therapists keep me awake, the massage therapist and esthetician worked their magic in silence. For the first time in over ten years, I actually fell asleep. Rejoining my family, I was relaxed, rested and glowing. I felt like a new person.

Luxury Family Vacations Are a Real Thing

So how was our night at Trump International Hotel Waikiki? To be honest, there were still tantrums and diaper accidents. I don’t think a stay anywhere has the ability to miraculously make that disappear. But after a glass of the hotel’s Waikiki Breeze drink and two hours of being in spa bliss, these little annoyances felt trivial. I discovered that luxury family vacations are a real thing and a doable endeavor even for young families like ours. Prepare yourself though. Being pampered and pampering your child means that, like in our case, you might just be juggling both at the same time.

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