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The most important aspect of any business, new or old, is the people.
Successful businesses are built around solving a person’s burning fears, frustrations, and desires. These emotions are the strongest and drive individuals to action on a daily basis. When you are able to take care of someone’s biggest frustration, you are creating a lifelong fan.

Who Exactly is Your Customer?

In deciding what your business does or how you can shift focus on what you offer, you need to ask yourself some important questions:
- Who do you want to be working with?
- Who are the people you really connect with?
- Who do you want to help solve their problems?
Maybe you run a business and are looking for ways to make more sales. Or maybe you are just starting a business. Either way, one of the most valuable ways you can spend your time is with your customers. Hang out with them, grab a coffee, and have chat. This will give you a much better idea of what their world is like. You’ll also learn if you like them and want to help them get from A to B.

Building Your Ideal Fan

Every time you launch a product or service, you want to tailor it for that one person you are trying to help. In this case, mapping out their background (age, gender, education, job, frustrations, etc.) is a prerequisite to success.
It’s extremely helpful to give them a name, and place what you do with your business through the lens of that fan.

Action Steps

- Brainstorm and learn where you can find these people
- Take time to hangout with your customers or ideal clients. Take one or two out for a coffee and a chat.
- Learn what their lives are like and what their biggest fears and frustrations are in life.

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