Anglers journey to these deep waters that teem with trophy fish. This is where you come to get the big ones.

In fact, the biggest fish reportedly caught by rod and reel was a blue marlin brought in just off the island of Oahu, weighing in at 1805 lbs.

Hawaii is so legendary among sport fishing enthusiasts that several “big-game” tournaments are held in the Islands every year, including the granddaddy of them all, the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, which lures fishermen from all over the globe.

Some of the big fish you’ll encounter here are three types of marlin: blue, black and striped.

It’s also possible to hook a “grander,” meaning a huge fish weighing at least 1000 lbs. Other top game fish include ahi (yellowfin tuna), ono (wahoo), mahimahi (dolphin fish), and skipjack tuna.

All of these can give you a reel-spinning run for your money, and an experience you’ll not soon forget. The tuna are among the fiercest fighters and require a lot of strength and determination.

The striped marlin is an occasional resident of Hawaiian waters, only showing up in the winter months.

All the other big-game species can be found in Hawaiian waters year-round. Some of the best fishing spots include off the Kona Coast, long regarded as the best big-game fishing in the world. Oahu’s North Shore is more famous for it’s surfing, but its fishing reputation is growing as well.

Frankly, no matter where you are, the fishing is sure to be fun and fruitful!